Year of the Earwig

Earwig, pincher bug same thing. They are all over the Treasure Valley this year. Have you seen them? Whether you are doing landscaping, sitting on your back patio, bbqing or the like they seem to be everywhere people go.

Earwigs love moisture and dark places. They are typically nocturnal, they will eat other bugs smaller then themselves, however if you have flower pots, buckets, or even wood just sitting in your yard, that is a home they will take for themselves. Dark places plus moisture is the perfect spot.

With the recent higher temperatures and moisture in the air this combination brings out the earwig. This year seems even more so over the past few months.

Helpful Preventative measures:

  • Make sure that window screens have no holes; fix any holes you discover.

  • Check that door thresholds and window frames have weatherstripping (self-adhesive) to cover large gaps.

  • Check for cracks and holes in your house. Check eaves, foundations and floorboards for holes and cracks. Seal these (with the correct sealant), especially where electrical and plumbing fittings have created holes.

Caulk any cracks around windows, doors and pipes. Also, caulk or apply mortar to cracks and gaps in your foundation.

Get rid of damp conditions around your foundation. Look under outdoor faucets and in crawl spaces. Get a builder or plumber to fix any leakages that you're not able to remedy yourself.

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