Winter Pests: Ants and Rodents

Biggest issue we find in Boise and the surrounding areas are some ant species are exothermic and they do freeze in place, however once the temperatures rise above freezing, they continue on their way and make their way into your homes. The most common areas they gravitate to are all of these areas; (they provide warmth and water) bathrooms , laundry rooms, kitchen sinks, next to the stove, and pantry locations.

Mice are another huge winter pest. They want what you have; a warm home, fresh water, and a place to have their young. Mice have a tendency to tear into a couch stored in the garage for instance, or even one sitting in your living room. they are looking for material to make their nests, and they also love insulation, cotton, food storage bags, etc. Any material lying around they find useful to make their nest they will use it. Typically when and where mice enter your home; vents on the side of the home, pipes below sinks, small openings the size of the tip of a pinky, the holes do not need to be large at all for them to make their way into your space.

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