"Let Wilkinson Pest Control, defend your castle against the invading horde!"
-Scott Wilkinson


How much does service cost?
Typically depends on the square footage of your home, the price of pest control depends on the size of the home and the amount of time/work that will go into completing the job. 


How long is an agreement for?
A regular service agreement is for one year. After service agreement is complete, we will continue servicing your home on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis and can be cancelled at any time after completion.


After my first service when will I have service again?
Your Initial service will eliminate adults and young pests in your home, however egg sacks are water tight.  Therefore, after your initial service, we will return to your home in approximately 4-6 weeks to perform a follow-up service to eliminate any pests that have hatched before they can become adults, and lay eggs of their own. This 'egg-break' service will also be your first quarterly service. We will contact you beforehand to schedule a date and time with you.  Your service will be placed on the best possible schedule that fits both your needs and route based on demographics and service area.


What if I have service needs before the next service date is due?


If ANY issues arise that need our attention, please know that you can call into the office at any time to schedule a 'trouble-call' free of charge.


What if I move before my agreement is up?
Don't worry if you move and provide a new address out of the service area, there will not be a cancellation fee.


Is it safe for my children and pets?

When used properly there are minimal risks to humans or animals. Our technician's are highly experienced, trained professionals, and are state licensed to handle and apply these products safely according to the laws, regulations, and safety requirements. We service multiple Daycare and Preschools around the Treasure Valley, Veterinary clinics, and Medical clinics and provide safe and effective pest control.

Residential Control

Our primary focus is residential pest control services. We provide quarterly services to optimize and control pest populations that are invading your home.

Commercial Control

We provide pest control and rodent control services to business parks, veterinary clinics, medical clinics, daycares and preschools.


Quarterly service contracts have a     '90-DAY' GUARANTEE.

If you are not completely satisfied with your previous service, we will continue to return at no charge.